Kathy Brown

Kathy Brown always knew she could sing. From the tender age of 9, Kathy was a regular member of her church choir in her native South Carolina. It was during this period, singing in church and watching & listening to her idols Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle that she developed her signature vocal style.

With her strong combination of R&B and gospel influences , Kathy has remained a sought after artist with an impressive list of credits that include ; “Can’t Play Around”, “ Turn me out ” , “Stronger on my Own”, “Joy” , “Don’t Leave”, “Get another Love”, “Give it Up” and “ Over you”.

Kathy has worked with a virtual who’s who of dance producers including David Morales, Warren Clark, Ricky Morrison ,The Layabouts, The Strings of Life and Ron Carroll.

Now she completes the circle by reconnecting with David Shaw (producer of Can’t Play around and Turn Me Out) and Deep Influence on two new collaborations “Feel the Music” and “Love and Pain” available on Kontinuous Music (KM2010-01).

Kathy wrote much of the lyrics of both tracks along with David Shaw, Deep Influence, and keyboard player Julius Speed . She also shares producing credit on the track.
” It was easy, we just vibed together and in no time at all we were on to something” Kathy says…”We recorded both tracks on a weekend trip to NY! “

When she isn’t on the road in the United Kingdom or Europe Kathy is home in South Carolina writing material and working with her son Lavelle and her many talented family members. She is also actively recruiting young local hip hop talent, which Lavelle is producing.

“There will come a time when I stop performing. I eventually plan to evolve and develop my career in other areas ” Kathy lets on with a wink and a nod.

Kathy Brown isn’t going any where, she’s been a fixture on the dance scene for the last ten plus years and “Feel the Music” and “Love & Pain are just the next chapters in what promises to be a long musical story.

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