David Morales

(New York | U.S.A.)

A true vanguard in the world of dance music, the efforts of Brooklyn’s own David Morales remain unparalleled.

As a producer, he’s enjoyed multiple Grammy nominations (including a win in 1998 for Remixer of the Year) and hit records (from his own to Mariah Carey’s 1996 album Fantasy).

He’s worked diligently for over 20 years and racked up millions of air miles to earn the distinction of being one of the most in-demand DJs on the planet. He’s currently playing his annual DJ residencies in Europe which include Wednesday nights in il Muretto, Jesolo, Italy and Saturday nights at the fifth annual Def Mix parties at superclub Pacha, Ibiza.

He’s appeared on numerous international television networks such as BBC, MTV Europe, MuchMusic, BET and many others, and co-hosted»The Grind,» MTV’s high profile dance show from the ’90s.He broadcasts great music through his Friday night radio show on influential New York station WKTU, broadcast to millions of listeners around the globe via the Internet, as well as a monthly show on XM Satellite Radio and numerous guest DJ appearances on radio shows throughout the world.

That’s where the story of a successful DJ/producer in the world of dance music typically ends, the best case scenario. But for David Morales it’s just been a springboard into a wealth of ideas and ventures, a giant family tree all rooted in the soul of dance music. His long running production company Def Mix, which he runs with partner Judy Weinstein, is one of dance music’s most lauded, while their management arm is the watchful eye for the careers of Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie, Hector Romero and Bobby D’Ambrosio. Morales, who will soon be a co-owner of the Montreal nightclub Stereo, holds down a monthly residency.

Morales has countered the generally faceless world of dance music as a visible icon, even appearing in a worldwide campaign with Iceberg Jeans which had the tanned and toned artist showing up on buses and billboards from Japan to Europe to New York and nearly everywhere in between. He’s built up a celebrity status that has led to him being featured in magazines such as L’Uomo, GQ and three different editions of Vogue (U.S., British and Italian).But the fine craft of making music is, of course, one of his greatest loves, and he has now made the time within his very full schedule to recommit himself to the studio. 2 Worlds Collide is the immediate fruit of this labor, and it has inspired Morales to continue to record even more music.

While Morales could easily work with many different luminaries on this album, he chose instead to work with younger talents. «I wanted something different because I wanted something refreshing,» he says. Capturing that famously elusive quality is no easy feat but 2 Worlds Collide is clearly the work of people who all share the same joy for music. Throughout, the strength of the songwriting is evident; unlike the glut of house music records that fade in and out of the shops and clubs from week to week, this is built to last.

The lead single «How Would U Feel» is one of four songs featuring the talents of Lea-Lorien, a stunning 23-year-old singer-songwriter and daughter of acclaimed guitarist/producer Carlos Alomar (whose credits include David Bowie) and singer Robin Clark.

The title song «2 Worlds Collide» features another prominent guest on the album, Tamra Keenan, who also appears on «Here I Am» and «U Came,» songs they amazingly put together in just one day. «2 Worlds Collide» is larger than life, expressing that beautifully Gothic romantic air («I love her voice,» he says, «It’s unique and different»). Both Tamra Keenan and Lea-Lorien bring a pure and spiritual quality with their words and singing abilities, and in turn they have helped give Morales a reinvigorated perspective on his own work.

But what, exactly, are the two worlds that are colliding? «I come from the R&B/funk mentality but I like the electronic edge as well,» he explains. «So I’m trying to present something that’s not too electronic but not too soft, something that’s sexy. It’s really about two different entities colliding; good and bad, right and wrong …yin and yang.

2 Worlds Collide is the first studio album in a decade from the multi-talented David Morales. It’s an epic romance with the passionate nuances of house music. And, like all good love stories, it takes proper time to build songs straight from the heart…and not the marketing department. Since he’s releasing the album on his own label, there are no compromises.»Being constricted to a whole conglomerate and chain of command makes it very difficult to be yourself,» he says. «I live the lifestyle, I’m in the clubs…I know what’s working.»

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